World Spay Day: 5 Numbers to Know

By: Megan Moon, Community Engagement Manager

Today is World Spay Day. The purpose of this day is to shine a spotlight on the lifesaving power of spay/neuter and the importance of access to affordable services. I’d like to share some significant numbers to spread awareness on this vital day for animals:

70 million

While it is impossible to determine the number of stray dogs and cats who live in the US, this is the national estimate for stray cats alone.

7.6 million

The approximate number of companion animals who enter shelters nationwide every year.

2.7 million

The approximate number of animals adopted from United States shelters each year.

2.7 million

The approximate number of animals who are euthanized in United States shelters annually.

These numbers clearly illustrate the dire situation for homeless pets in our country, and animals in the Miami Valley are no exception. While SICSA’s no-kill mission ensures placement for all adoptable animals in our care, we recognize the need to take action to reduce pet overpopulation. We believe the most responsible and humane option is to proactively sterilize pets to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens, ultimately reducing the number of animals entering shelters and at risk of euthanasia. We do our part by spaying and neutering thousands of animals each year for our community, most at a reduced rate for low to middle-income families.

Last number – 10

This is the approximate percentage of animals received by shelters who have been spayed or neutered. This means that SICSA and thousands of animal welfare organizations nationwide spay and neuter approximately 90% of the animals they accept into their adoption programs. As you can imagine, with SICSA’s average cost per surgery at around $65, this expense adds up! Homeless animals are counting on you. Please support SICSA’s efforts to reduce pet overpopulation and save more lives by donating today.

There are many benefits to spaying and neutering your pets, including protecting against serious health problems and reducing several behavioral challenges associated with the mating instinct. You can find more information about the benefits of spay/neuter here and here.

Celebrate World Spay Day by taking advantage of SICSA’s spay/neuter services for your companion animals, including low-cost options based on income.

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