Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinic is on hold for the moment. Please check back in November. Thank you.

SICSA understands that many pets are surrendered yearly to shelters because basic veterinary care is not accessible. We are excited to be able to offer basic veterinary care for acute conditions to those most in need starting this October 2018 on a limited schedule!

The wellness visit consists of a nose to tail basic exam. Please indicate what medical concerns you have for your pet on the application.

The cost for the exam is $10; additional costs may be required for treatments and prescriptions. Please see our wellness pricing list for cost on Vaccinations, testing and other treatments you can request on the day of exam. Payment is required to schedule an appointment. No refunds will be given for the price paid for the exam.

Proof of need is required to schedule a wellness visit. Acceptable documents include: Income Tax return, W2, Pay Stub, Social Security (Direct Deposit Statement), Snap or WIC card.

Income Qualifications According to State and Federal Guidelines

Individual income under $17,655

1 Dependent: under $23,895

2 Dependents: under $30,135

3 Dependents: under $36,375

4 Dependents: under $42, 615


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