SICSA Membership 2021

A voice for the voiceless, a home for the homeless, and hope for the hopeless; this is what SICSA strives to be for the pets in our community. No matter their ailment or injury when they arrive to us, we do everything in our power to give animals the second chance they deserve. This vital work takes an entire team. From veterinarians, to animal care technicians, to adoption counselors, to people like you.

When you become a member of SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center, you save lives.

Please become an Active Member and help SICSA save lives by completing the bottom portion and sending it back to us today, or by logging onto and clicking on our membership tab. Then, mark your calendar to attend the virtual All Members Meeting via Zoom on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 6:00PM. We will be presenting the highlights from our 2020 year, as well as sharing our vision for 2021 and beyond.


Join with Confidence

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