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Tip Of The Month

Your newly adopted pet has likely been through a lot of stressful changes recently, and it can take some time to adjust to the routines of even the most loving home. Sometimes, just allowing your cat time to adjust does the trick. Other times, they need some training to help them along – and adopters need a little support, too!

Some Common Issues & What You Can Do

Please find a list of common behavior issues and other resources below. If you are having behavior problems outside of these topics or need additional support, our behavior specialists may be able to help. Please call the Help Center at: 937-294-6505, ext. 49.

Cats like to scratch. They scratch during play. They scratch while stretching. They scratch to mark territory or as a threatening signal other cats. And because cats’ claws need regular sharpening, cats scratch on things to remove frayed, worn outer claws and expose new, sharper claws. All this scratching can cause a lot of damage to furniture, drapes and carpeting!


Additional Resources

Below are additional animal welfare organizations that provide cat behavior tips and information. The inclusion of an organization or program in this listing is not necessarily an endorsement or recommendation.