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Reuniting Pets With Their Owners
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Lost Pet: What To Do

If you’ve lost your pet, getting the word out early is often the key to getting them back safely. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you find your pet:
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Found Pet: What To Do

The majority of lost pets have families who love them, and the pets are typically found within a mile of their homes. Use these tips to help reunite a pet with their owner.
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  1. Seek help if the pet is sick or injured
    If you find a pet who is extremely sick or injured, please contact your county animal shelter and/or take them to the nearest veterinarian.
  2. Check for ID
    Check for a collar with a phone number or tag. If there is a dog license, the county animal shelter should have the owner’s contact information.
  3. Alert your neighbors
    Take a photo and share it with your neighbors using the methods your community uses most often to communicate. This could include going door-to-door, using sites like Facebook or Nextdoor, or a neighborhood email list.
  4. Take a walk
    Lost pets are often within one mile of their home. Take a walk around and see if anyone recognizes the pet.
  5. Check for a microchip
    Bring the pet to the nearest veterinarian or animal shelter for a free microchip scan.