Veterinary Care In The Community

Neighborhood Wellness Clinics
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Why We Do This

Regular veterinary care is vital to keeping your pets healthy. Routine veterinary visits can help prevent diseases, as well as identify medical concerns that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, access to veterinary care is increasingly difficult for many families. Some of the barriers include financial, lack of appropriate transportation, and even lack of veterinary clinics nearby. In many instances, families have to consider rehoming their pets because their pets have medical concerns that they are not able to manage because they are unable to have their pet seen by a veterinarian.

As part of our mission to nurture loving lifelong relationships between animals and their people, we established the Community Veterinary Care program to help bridge the access to veterinary care gap. We bring our veterinary services to targeted areas in and around the Dayton area to provide care for pets living in underserved areas. At these clinics, all the animals we see from eligible families receive a low cost wellness visit with one of our licensed veterinarians, including a full examination, updating all core vaccines, and receiving flea preventatives and deworming treatments all at a low cost of $20, thanks to grants and generous members of our community.

If you need wellness veterinary care for your pet at one of these clinics, check out the information below to see when our next event will be held and how to sign up. All visits are by appointment and are on a first-come- first-served basis. Please be aware that due to an extremely high demand for these services, the appointments can fill very quickly.

Please be advised that Community Veterinary Care appointments are for wellness visits only. We are not equipped to manage chronic conditions at our offsite clinics. If your pet is ill or if you need assistance with your pet’s chronic medical condition, please visit us on our campus for a scheduled appointment in our wellness clinic. We are not able to manage any medical emergencies.

Appointments are first come, first served.

Limited space available.

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Upcoming Clinics

Community Veterinary Clinic
Date and Time: Friday, July 26, 2024 from 9AM-1PM
Location: Kettering Early Childhood Education Center - 2600 Holman St. Moraine, OH 45439

Status: Registration open July 12th at noon

Attention: Due to high demand, if you miss your pet's appointment without a 48 hour cancellation notice, you forfeit eligibility to schedule at our community clinics for one year. Each appointment scheduled reserves space for one pet. Please make additional appointments if you plan to bring more than one pet. You may have one free visit per pet per year. If you schedule a pet within a year of being seen at our clinic, you will receive a phone call declining your request, so we can allow those who have not been seen to make an appointment.

Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance by calling:

937-294-6505, EXT. 62

Make An Appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment, you MUST cancel prior to 48 hours before the event or you will be ineligible to schedule a community care appointment with us for one year and will be ineligible to receive a refund.