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DOG 101

SICSA is always looking for talented and passionate individuals to help us support and care for the animals in our care.

If you are interested in volunteering and working directly with our dogs, please complete the Dog 101 training. There are two parts to the Dog 101 course:

  1. Watching the Dog 101 Training Video
  2. Passing the Orientation Post-Test
Dog 101 Training video
Dog 101 Post Test
adult volunteer holding cat
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DOG 202-Paw Partner

If you are interested in volunteering as a Paw Partner, you must first complete Dog 101 before starting Dog 202. There are two parts to the Dog 202 course:

  1. Watching the Dog 202 Training Video
  2. Passing the Orientation Post-Test
Dog 202 Training video
Dog 202 Post Test
Note: Kids between the ages of 8-14 can participate in cat and dog kennel activities or Paw Partners with their parent or guardian. Our Parent-Youth-Partner Program (PYPer) teaches children the importance of treating animals humanely and will prepare them for the responsibility of owning a pet, while allowing them to work side-by-side with a parent or guardian. Questions? Scroll down to read more about our program or visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.
adult volunteer holding cat

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Volunteering

We appreciate any time volunteers devote to SICSA! However, we greatly depend on volunteers coming in on a regular basis for dog walking or cat kennel cleaning, as well as various other events. We ask that SICSA volunteers complete at least four hours of service per month. These hours can be split based on volunteer schedule, and we have a convenient, online system that volunteers utilize to sign up for shifts. We ask that volunteers sign up for these shifts ahead of time so that we know who is coming in and can plan schedules accordingly.

Volunteers are considered active provided they have volunteered at least once in the last six months. Volunteers who have been inactive for a year or more will be asked to retake training classes.

Available Positions For Adult Volunteers

Animal Care


To ensure that all dogs are taken on a minimum four walks a day, while socializing and training the dogs using positive reinforcement to increase adoptability.


  • Walking dogs from all areas of SICSA's dog kennels.
  • Handling the dogs in a safe manner at all times, while adhering to SICSA's procedures and training methods.
  • Working with dogs on basic obedience training, while consistently adhering to SICSA’s positive reinforcement guidelines.
  • Alerting Animal Care staff members of any medical issues in a timely manner.
  • Alerting Adoption staff members of any issues which may affect the dog's adoptability.
  • May include some interaction with members of the public (i.e. answering questions about individual dogs, adoption procedure, etc.)
  • Must complete Dog 101 instruction.

Responsible for tracking volunteer hours with SICSA's online software, or communicating this information directly to the Volunteer Manager.

Housekeeping & Administrative

Access Volgistics

To access Volgistics from home, please use the link below. Volgistics allows you to manage a multitude of aspects within your account: from signing-up for shifts, entering service hours, managing message preferences to updating your contact details and much more!

Visit Volgistics

Please take a moment and confirm your email account is set to receive our Volgistics emails. To do this, go to your Account tab in Volgistics and review the Message Preferences section.