Volunteer Spotlight: Victoria DiCillo

With kitten season right around the corner, fosters are a fundamental part of SICSA. Victoria DiCillo started fostering at SICSA Pet Adoption Center 5 months ago. She wanted to volunteer at an animal shelter and several people suggested SICSA to her. She is a wonderful kitten foster who is always ready to accept a new feline friend to foster! When kitten season is slow, she also comes in to help with cat enrichment.

Victoria  continues to volunteer because of the great experiences with staff, volunteer and animals. Every time she is here with our animals, she can’t wait to come back and volunteer again.  Her favorite thing about volunteering at SICSA is spending time with the animals in any way she can. She loves knowing that she’s helping animals find their forever homes.

“Volunteering at SICSA has been such an amazing experience, and I am extremely proud to be supporting an organization that helps animals in so many ways. I am eager to continue volunteering and also to find more ways to help this organization grow.”

One of her most memorable moments while volunteering was her first set of foster kittens. They were so scared of people and hardly went near humans. After two weeks of being fostered, the kittens had grown leaps and bounds due to being socialized. She was so glad to see their progress towards becoming comfortable with humans.

Fostering can be a bittersweet process. One set of foster kittens Victoria had impacted her greatly – they were so sweet and loved people that it was difficult for her to say goodbye.

Thank you, Victoria, for being such a dedicated foster to our kittens that come through SICSA. We’re sure we’ll have many kittens throughout kitten season for you to love!

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