The Impact of Guardian Angels: Frosty’s Story

In August of 2020, SICSA received word of an injured and abandoned puppy. The 8 month old, Corgi-mix was left at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant after being reportedly hit by a car. It was believed that he had a broken hip. When we were called to help, there was no question: SICSA would take him in, giving him the love and care he so desperately needed. After arriving at SICSA, the puppy was given medical care by our incredible team of veterinarians. They evaluated his hip and medicated him for pain management. Shortly after his evaluation, he was given x-rays to better understand the extent of his injuries.

While he awaited results, he was given heaps of attention and affection from the staff. He was also given a name, Frosty. This reflected his sweet demeanor that never faded, despite any hardship he had faced. When the results of his x-ray came in, it was clear that he would require surgery. The necessary surgery was beyond what we could provide at SICSA. Rather than give up due to the associated cost, we made arrangements for him to receive further treatment at one of our collaborating veterinary clinics. As soon as his surgery was complete, and his hip was on the mend, he returned to SICSA where he was paired with a loving foster volunteer. The volunteer would continue his regimen of medicine, taking him in for regular check-ups as he healed.

All of Frosty’s care, medical and otherwise, was funded by the SICSA Guardian Angel Fund. By you, our Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angel Fund is how we are able to turn stories like Frosty’s into happy TAILS (get it–tales, but with an animal twist?). As a result of this fund, we are able to afford extensive medical expenses we cannot provide here at SICSA. Complex procedures like Frosty’s. Frosty has since healed from his injuries, has an amazing family, and a second chance at life. SICSA does not shy away from challenging circumstances when taking in animals in need. It is because of your donations that we are able to help these pets overcome their obstacles. By donating to the Guardian Angel Fund, you are very literally helping us save lives like Frosty’s. Please make your donation to the life-saving Guardian Angel Fund today, and make a massive impact on the lives of animals who may otherwise never have a chance to find their forever homes.

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