#GivingTuesday Arrives with 10 Puppies

By Deborah Durbin, Marketing CoordinatorNoel and pups-001

I was preparing for #GivingTuesday, a national movement to create a day of charitable giving to kick off the holiday season; this is in response to the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I was thinking about what story I was going to tell, a story to help people understand what we do at SICSA. I was about to discover the perfect SICSA story that arrived right in time for #GivingTuesday.

As I was walking down our hallway at SICSA, I was intrigued to see a whelping box being made and assembled in one of our back office rooms. I learned a mother dog and her 10 puppies would be arriving soon. This is a rare occurrence, and a foster family could not be found for such a large family of dogs.

A family surrendered Noel, a St. Bernard/Labrador blend and her 10 puppies because they were overwhelmed and could not care for the dogs properly.  SICSA neutered the male dog for the family, and took in Noel and the puppies. When the furry family arrived, I was anxious to meet them. Noel is a beautiful black dog with large, brown, soulful eyes.  She is quiet, friendly, and accepting of her new surroundings. Her 4-week-old puppies are moving around a little but mostly nestled near their mommy, sleeping. Noel (her original name) is so gentle with them. It was a joy sitting in the whelping room, watching the 100-pound Noel gingerly maneuver around the space, nursing and carefully cleaning all 10 pups.

Noel and her puppies will spend the next 4-5 weeks at SICSA. They will receive great veterinary care and will be smothered with love and attention by staff and volunteers. The puppies will be well socialized, and Noel will be given extra treats and some quiet time. They should all be up for adoption around the end of December. Caring for them for the next few weeks will be costly, but so worth it.noels pup3

An important part of this story is that not only did SICSA take in Noel and the pups, but we also neutered the male dog the family was keeping. We are here for furry families and human families, too.

Noel just happened to have great timing with #GivingTuesday. All donations today will be doubled (up to $7,000), thanks to a generous sponsor. And many of the donations will help Noel and her large brood. SICSA has cared for 137 puppies, 248 kittens and hundreds of adult cats and dogs, so far this year!  People will get to know Noel and her puppies over the next several weeks because of the holiday timing, but for us at SICSA, this is what we do 24/7 – thanks to you. This is where your money goes. We are only here because of generous supporters like you.

So on behalf of Noel, her 10 puppies, and all the future homeless pets that will come to SICSA, please consider donating today. Your donation will be doubled for #GivingTuesday only. Together we are making a difference. Thank you!


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