Foster Volunteer

Foster Volunteer

Foster Volunteers care for homeless puppies, dogs, cats and kittens in their home for a short period of time until the animals are adopted. We are happy to accommodate Foster Volunteers and schedules in a variety of ways. Foster Volunteers can choose a certain breed, period of time, gender, or age. SICSA is a judgement-free zone! Take a break whenever you need!

Questions? Use the drop-down options below to read more about our foster volunteer program or click here to read our general volunteer FAQs

Foster Volunteer Details

Typical Activities
  • Ensuring that all animals are given proper nutrition, water, and shelter. May also include medicating animals as needed.
  • Able and willing to attend regular check-ups with SICSA’s veterinary staff.
  • Alerting SICSA staff members (specifically Foster Care Coordinators or veterinary staff) of any medical issues in a timely manner.
  • Alerting SICSA staff members (specifically Foster Care Coordinators or adoption staff) of any behavioral issues which may affect the animal’s adoptability.
  • Able and willing to bring foster animals into SICSA when they’ve been made available for adoption. All adoptable foster animals should be at SICSA on Saturdays and Sundays at least 30 minutes prior to the doors open to the general public.

Training and procedure guidelines will be provided by one of the Foster Care Coordinators. All potential Foster Care Providers should first become SICSA Volunteers and attend a general volunteer orientation. Volunteers will then submit a foster volunteer application. Next, they will attend a Foster training to familiarize potential Foster Care Providers with the policies and guidelines for foster care.

 Once new Foster Care Providers have completed the appropriate training, they are able to actively volunteer in the program. When SICSA receives word of animals in need of foster care, volunteers will be contacted and offered a foster opportunity.


Foster Care volunteers report directly to the Foster Care Coordinators. Fosters can choose a certain breed, a certain period of time (e.g. summer), a certain gender or age. We can accommodate fosters and schedules in a variety of ways. Fosters must be able to keep animals in their place of residence.

How to Get Started

New around here?

We have all volunteers start by applying and attending a volunteer organization. 


Already a volunteer?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator below to get more information about fostering.

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