Surrendering An Animal

What is an “owner surrender”?

At SICSA, we accept dogs and cats into our adoption program that owners need to re-home. Please read below to see which animals may be accepted into our adoption program, information about the process, and the application. SICSA does not euthanize pets for space, so we are limited on how many animals we can take in. If you have any questions, please call us at 937.294.6505 ext 17 to speak with someone on our intake team. 

Steps for a pet to enter our adoption program:

Due to the season’s high volume of kittens as well as our limited amount of space, we are not accepting applications for kittens. We expect to begin taking kittens up to 3 months of age in the beginning of September.  Please check back with us in August once we have opened our September schedule.  If you have kittens over 8 weeks old, we recommend that you get them spayed/neutered and place them on your own while they are still young.  Kittens who will be older than 8 weeks old in August may not qualify for intake placement based on our hierarchy of needs.

Please check out our Spay/Neuter Program.  For help with rehoming an animal, please visit”

We have also filled up all of our appointments for adult cats through August.  During kitten season, we have to limit the number of adult cats we take in because we are at capacity.  If you are unable to wait, we encourage you to use the following link to try to rehome your cat privately in the meantime.

Rehome by is owned by the Petco Foundation.  The site is 100% free to you.  They will walk you through how to create the best profile on  your pet and be there to support you through the adoption.”


The total cost for surrender varies by case, but is typically $30-75 for cats and $25-150 for dogs, depending on the animal’s age and past veterinary care. Please note that these fees help keep our facility running. SICSA does not receive any free Veterinarian time and operates solely on donations.

Lost or Found Pets

We do not take strays, per our agreement with the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, to help make it simpler for lost pets to be found. For information about lost and found pets, click here.


We accept kittens! Please note, all of the rescues in Dayton become overwhelmed during the Spring and Summer, so we may not be able to accept them immediately. If you've just found kittens, please read about our "Wait and Watch Approach" here.

Please use the surrender application below if you'd like to get the kittens into our adoption program. 


We accept puppies! For accidental litters, we will take them into our program for no cost, if the pet owner agrees to spay the mother through our low cost spay clinic through the “Oops Program”.

Stray, Feral or Community Cats

We do not bring community cats into our adoption programs. We encourage adopters to keep cats indoors, for safety reasons. Community cats prefer the ability to roam freely and have come to enjoy both indoor and outdoor living. We encourage trap-neuter-return programs, to keep the stray cat population from growing in a humane manner. To read more about Community Cats, Trap-Neuter-Return, and our Spay and Neuter programs, please click here.

Animal Surrender Form

To fill out our form to surrender a cat, please click here.

To fill out our form to surrender a dog, please click here.

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