Trap-Neuter-Return-Monitor, or “TNRM,” is the process of humanely trapping community cats, sterilizing, vaccinating against rabies, eartipping, and then returning them to their colony. TNRM also involves a colony caretaker who provides food, water, and adequate shelter, as well as monitors the colony for new cats and cats with health issues. Having a caretaker to monitor the colonies will help to ensure the overall success of TNRM in the community.

TNRM is the most humane and effective method known for managing feral or community cat populations. Spaying and neutering eliminates reproduction and greatly reduces nuisance behavior, including unaltered males spraying to mark territory, roaming and fighting, and yowling and other noises associated with mating. The cats themselves are healthier and less likely to spread feline disease.

TNRM appointments are expressly for those working on reducing the cat population in their community. TNRM appointments are not for owned cats. All cats that are brought for a TNRM appointment will be

· Spayed or neutered

· Ear tipped

· Vaccinated for Rabies (if age appropriate)

An ear tip is the removal of the distal one-quarter of a community cat’s left ear. This procedure is performed under sterile conditions while the cat is anesthetized. Ear tips are designed to identify a community cat as being sterilized and lawfully vaccinated for rabies. Please note that there will be no exceptions to the ear tip being done for TNRM cats.


SICSA has TNRM agreements with Kettering, Centerville, and Washington Township that provide TNRM services to residents at no-cost. SICSA also offers TNRM appointments for any area that is not in one of the contracted areas.  The cost for non-contracted TNRM appointments is $55.

Kettering residents, please call the Kettering Police Department Community Service Specialist, Shelly Davis, at 937-371-3652 for your Kettering discount code. Kettering residents must go through Shelly Davis to receive the discount.

Centerville residents, please call SICSA at 937-294-6505, ext. 16 for your Centerville discount code.

Washington Township residents, please call or email Deputy Hull at 937-432-2758 or


These appointments are not subject to a rescheduling fee. We will gladly reschedule you for another day if you are not able to catch the cat.

We recommend that cats are brought in a feral trap but can come in a normal cat carrier if they are able to be handled.