The Poop Show 2022: Thank You!

On September 16th, SICSA hosted the third annual Poop Show. The tongue-in-cheek game of chance has become a fun tradition and helpful fundraiser, offering participants an opportunity to win $10,000 while supporting animals in need. Though the game itself has remained the same for all three consecutive years, this year participants enjoyed an in-person element with The Poop Show Tailgate Party. In addition to the tailgate, major event sponsors and those who purchased five or more chances enjoyed a VIP viewing party in SICSA’s Humane Education Center. One person in attendance for both the Tailgate and the VIP party was SICSA volunteer, Erika Bucio.

Erika began her evening volunteering at the tailgate, lending a hand with setup and raffle ticket sales. After her shift ended, Erika headed inside to the VIP party to watch the show. Everyone waited anxiously to learn who would take home the grand prize as Shazaam the dog wandered about the play yard. As the game goes, the yard had been digitally divided into a grid, and each chance purchaser’s name had been assigned to a square per chance at random. With this in mind, everyone watching knew Shazaam’s bathroom break would determine who would win The Poop Show.

After a few moments that felt like an eternity, Shazaam pooped and the crowd celebrated, then quieted as they anticipated the name assigned to the square. After measurement and analysis, the winner was determined. SICSA’s President & CEO Nora Vondrell announced the name to an eager crowd via the Facebook and YouTube livestreams: Erika Bucio. The VIP party just down the hall from the livestream filming erupted in cheers! The sounds of celebration carried all the way to Pup Town as Erika appeared in the doorway. The staff welcomed her in to celebrate her win, elated to see such an outstanding volunteer take home a well-deserved prize.

SICSA is so grateful to every single person who purchased a chance or supported The Poop Show in any way. The funds raised from this event will continue to help SICSA save pets in need throughout the Greater Dayton area, and for that the SICSA Pack cannot thank you enough.

If you missed The Poop Show, you can still watch it and enjoy the fun here!

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