SICSA-dorable Break: Our Favorite Halloween Costumes From Adopted Pets

Written by Kaitlin Becraft

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at SICSA! Whether they’re eating treats or learning new tricks, the animals in our care keep us busy throughout the season! Check out some of our favorite costumes worn by SICSA pets over the Halloweens of recent years!

1. Thorton as a jack o’ lantern

This handsome pup found his new family in November of 2020. Before heading home, he graced us with these precious pumpkin pictures!

2. Madison as the Bat Cat

Madison was adopted in in November of 2019. We’re sure she’s still serving justice and enjoying the Halloween season with her amazing family!

3. Taffy as a strawberry

Taffy’s costume was spot on! This gal was such a sweetheart when she was at SICSA. This senior lady found her home in December of 2020.

4. Bongo as a leprechaun

We know this is a stretch, but look how cute he is in his little hat! Bongo was adopted in March of 2019.

5. Dakota as a shark

Dakota was adopted in May of 2022, but not before we could grab some cute Shark Week photos!

6. Tweed as a witch

Tweed put a spell on her new family in March of 2021. Her magic still lingers in the hearts of her friends at SICSA.

7. Emily Spinach as a princess

Emily Spinach was the only girl in a litter of six pups. She was adopted in June of 2021 and continues her reign over her new family.

No matter how you and your pets celebrate the spooky season, we hope you have howling good Halloween! If you’d like to add another pet to your boo crew, check out our adoptable dogs and cats here!

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