The Kittens Are Coming: Kitten Season Preparation

Written by Kaitlin Becraft
With spring just around the corner, we have warmer weather on our minds. In the animal welfare world, rising temperatures typically bring the start of “kitten season”. It is during this time that there is a significant increase in the number of kittens being born/found. When they arrive at SICSA, these infants range from a few days to weeks in age. Their arrival creates new challenges and needs. Overall, the care of the new kittens takes a village, and SICSA cannot face this season alone. We need the help of neighbors like you to ensure these vulnerable babies thrive.

You can start helping this kitten season before the first litter even arrives by learning about the wait and watch method. This process is as easy as it sounds. When first spotting a litter of kittens that appear to be alone, watch and wait from a distance. Though it may seem as though their mother has left them, more often than not, she is nearby and will return. The best place for nursing kittens to be is with their mom, so it’s important to not separate them unnecessarily. If the kittens are not injured, sick, or in immediate danger, find a spot out of view a decent distance away, wait an hour or so, and watch to see if she comes back. If you aren’t able to physically stay in the area while you wait, you can also lay a ring of flour around the kittens and come back to check it for footprints.

Another way you can help is by joining our team of foster volunteers. The shelter setting is not ideal for infant kittens, so we utilize our foster network to keep the babies in loving, temporary homes until they’re ready for adoption. These fosters are especially important in saving neonatal kittens who require special care like bottle feeding. If you are interested in becoming a foster volunteer, you can learn more and sign up here.
You can also support the kittens by donating wet kitten food and other vital supplies. With dozens of hungry mouths to feed, this is a great way to make an impact even if you can’t welcome the kittens into your own home. If you would like to donate supplies for kitten season, you can drop them off in the Adoptions Lobby during our open hours, or send them through our Amazon wish list here.
No matter how you get involved this kitten season, you can save lives. It will truly be a community effort to keep the kittens safe and healthy, and your support will make a huge difference for our tiny furry friends.
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