A Safe Pets Success Story: Deanna and River

When Deanna met River at SICSA in June of 2022, she completely fell in love and decided to adopt. In September, Deanna fell on hard times. Rather than having to give up her new best friend permanently, SICSA was able to take River into our Safe Pets program. Through the Safe Pets program, pet parents facing emergencies such as housing insecurity, medical emergency, or domestic violence are able to have their pets temporarily fostered. This allows them to focus on getting the help they need while knowing their pet is safe and comfortable with a loving foster parent until they can be reunited, and keeps them from having to surrender their beloved pets.

While the Safe Pets program helped, in December Deanna became very sick and had almost lost faith that she would ever be in a position to get River back. Our Help Center team wanted Deanna to focus on getting well and know that we were rooting for her. In February, through Deanna‘s perseverance, the dedication of SICSA’s foster team, and the care of our Help Center staff, she was able to be reunited with River and finally take her home.

We are so grateful to be able to provide this resource for pet parents in need, and seeing reunions like that of Deanna and River make the effort so worthwhile. Thank you to Deanna for allowing us to share her story, and for being so dedicated to River. Her love and determination  are truly inspirational.

You can view the video footage of Deanna and River’s reunification here.

If you are interested in supporting SICSA’s Help Center and our Safe Pets program, you can sign up to be a foster volunteer here.

You can also support the program by donating here.

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