Veterinary Care in the Community: Behind the Scenes

Written by Kaitlin Becraft

Over the past year, SICSA has been meeting the community where they are and offering basic veterinary care through satellite Community Veterinary Care Clinics. SICSA’s Community Veterinary Care (CVC) program identifies neighborhoods in the region considered to be most in need.  SICSA then sets up a MASH-style veterinary clinic where dogs and cats can receive a nose to tail assessment by a licensed veterinarian, vaccinations, flea control, deworming treatments, and even medications for some conditions right on site.  In addition to veterinary care, SICSA’s Help Center team is also on-site providing information and resources about their pet food and supplies assistance, behavioral supports and more.  For additional pet needs, SICSA offers follow-up services at their center in Washington Township, which includes spays and neuters, mass removals, radiographs, dentals, and more – all based upon income and on a sliding fee.

Most recently, SICSA traveled to Fairborn, Ohio to provide one of these clinics at the Fairborn YMCA in partnership with Greene County. Over the course of a few hours, the SICSA team converted the organization’s gymnasium into a functioning clinic. There, staff met Joyce and her beloved Sheltie, Bailey. Joyce waited patiently with Bailey, holding her close as she reassured her that she would be fine. The love between the pair acted as a reminder of one of the many reasons these clinics are so vital. Each and every pet that entered the gym that day was accompanied by someone who cared deeply for them. These animals were more than pets, they were family.

As the day carried on, dozens of dogs and cats were seen by clinic staff. Some were scheduled for follow-up appointments for further care. Others were sent on their way with a reminder to renew their vaccinations next year. Overall, the Community Veterinary Care Clinic provided the pets with preventative care, and their families with peace of mind. SICSA was once again deeply grateful to be able to offer such a comfort and service to neighbors in the Greater Dayton area.

This clinic was one of nine that will be held throughout the community in 2022, an increase from the four that took place in 2021. These clinics would not be possible without the support of Petco Love, Marion’s Piazza, and Midwestern Wealth Management. To learn more and see when the next Community Veterinary Care Clinic is taking place, click here.

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