Tour de Gem: Thank You Ruff Riders!

The SICSA Ruff Riders went the extra mile for pets in need during the 2022 Tour de Gem charity ride. Team members Jack Hudson, Don Shepherd, Gerald Krach, Jerry Minnich, John Love, Harry Garrett, and Neal Davis collectively biked over 200 miles. Through their efforts, they raised $2,840 for pets in need.

Tour de Gem is an annual charity biking event that takes place in Dayton, Ohio. Riders can bike individually or join teams to raise funds for a charity of their choice. In 2022 there were teams representing 44 different charities including SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center. Collectively, Tour de Gem riders raised $99,618 for their causes.

The pets and people of SICSA are incredibly grateful for the support of the SICSA Ruff Riders. Their funds will make an impact on the pets in SICSA’s care, as well as those in the community served through SICSA’s Veterinary Clinic and Help Center. You can learn more about Tour de Gem and the SICSA Ruff Riders here.

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