Guardian Angels Saved Jill’s Life

Written by Kaitlin Becraft

When a five month old puppy found herself at death’s doorstep, people like you saved her life.

Jill first arrived at SICSA from another shelter in early September. She appeared to be a healthy pup with a bubbly personality. It’s no wonder the staff quickly fell in love with her. Unfortunately, three days later, SICSA’s Animal Care Technicians found Jill laying in her kennel, groaning. It was clear something was very wrong. She had vomited and there was blood in her stool. Fearing the worst, the team quickly notified one of SICSA’s veterinarians, Dr. Lloyd. When Dr. Lloyd evaluated and tested the puppy, their fears were confirmed: Jill was infected with Parvovirus (parvo).

Parvo is a highly contagious and often deadly illness, mainly affecting puppies. Symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea can cause severe dehydration, leading to a 91% mortality rate in untreated animals. With this in mind, the SICSA team knew time was of the essence. The staff worked feverishly to isolate and stabilize Jill. It was decided the best place for her to be in order to receive specialized treatment and prevent the spread of disease, would be a local emergency veterinary facility. Jill was immediately transferred, where she continued to receive care while her friends at SICSA anxiously awaited word on her condition.

To the absolute delight and relief of the SICSA Pack, Jill was going to make it. When she returned, with ongoing care from the dedicated SICSA staff, she slowly returned to her bright, wiggly self. Jill beat Parvo and lived to see her new family because of Guardian Angels like you.

The Guardian Angel Fund provides medical and behavioral aid to pets in desperate need like Jill. Whether they are facing life-threatening illnesses like Parvo or cancer, suffering from a broken leg, or in need of intensive behavioral training, the Guardian Angel Fund allows SICSA to offer homeless pets the care they deserve. So far this year, the Guardian Angel Fund has healed Jill as well as other animals including Sir Valentine, Penne, Phiz, Shreddies, Brother Bear, Scuba Steve, Primrose, and many more. This fund and the lives it saves are only possible because of the direct support of selfless animal lovers like you.

We are especially excited to share that we have generous sponsors who are helping us with a Guardian Angel Match opportunity. Our costs to provide these medical expenses will exceed $60,000 this year. Our donors have agreed to match your gift to this campaign, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000. Your $25 gift becomes $50, your $100 gift doubled to $200, whatever your gift, funds will go directly to the lifesaving services of these homeless animals who are desperate for someone to save them. As a Guardian Angel, you can prevent needless suffering, and grant animals like Jill the second chance they deserve. Please donate to the Guardian Angel Fund here to double your impact now. For your generosity and kind-heartedness, the pets saved and people who love them will be exceptionally grateful.

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