Frannie Finds Her Home: A Highly Anticipated Happy Tail

In June of 2021, Frannie came to SICSA with her eight puppies. After spending some time in a foster home, and being spayed/neutered, Frannie and the pups became available for adoption. The puppies quickly found their forever homes, but Frannie couldn’t seem to find the right match. At just two years old herself, Frannie was still young and full of life. Despite her youth, adorable face, and endearing personality, Frannie was continuously overlooked.

With some help from Halo K9 Behavior Consultation, Frannie began training to fine tune her manners and exercise her mind. She was extremely intelligent and picked up on new skills quickly. By the time her training was complete, she was prepared to take the Canine Good Citizen test, though she would have to wait until she was in her new home to complete it. This education and extra skill set made her even more special, but still she was overlooked.

Finally, in January of 2022, Frannie’s life changed for the better when she met Dessie. Dessie had previously adopted a pup from SICSA in 2017 and was ready to add another pet to her pack. After meeting Frannie and seeing the amazing dog everyone at SICSA knew her to be, Dessie was ready to give Frannie the chance she deserved. First, however, she needed to get approval from her current four-legged friend. The Adoption Counselors at SICSA arranged a meet and greet for the pups, and everyone crossed their fingers for a promising introduction. As fate would have it, the two got along swimmingly, and Dessie was ready to take Frannie home for a Slumber Party (what SICSA calls the trial adoption period).

At the end of the Slumber Party, Dessie made the adoption official. Now Frannie is embracing her new beginning in her forever home with her mom and fur brother! The long journey from intake to adoption was well worth the wait for Frannie to find her perfect match. We could not be happier for Frannie and her new family.

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