A Wonder-ful Happy Tail

Written by Kaitlin Becraft

When we shared the story of Wonder, a German Shepherd puppy with an array of health issues and shortened life expectancy, we received an astonishing amount of support from our community. People were eager to share Wonder’s post on Facebook, tagging friends to see if they might welcome him in to their families. Media outlets picked up his story, sharing his tale alongside photos of his post-surgery, shaven head. Wonder became a mini celebrity in his own right, yet still we struggled to find his perfect match.

While he waited for his new home, Wonder continued living with his loving foster family. His foster mom, Michelle, was dedicated to training and socializing Wonder. With his medical complications stacked against him, she knew he would need to be on his best behavior when trying to win over potential adopters. Eventually, he even earned his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification! With this training accomplished, Wonder met a number of potential adopters. Many found him loveable, but between his heart conditions and puppy energy, none were quite the right fit. That is, until Wonder finally met Anthony and Savanna.

The pair understood that Wonder had serious medical issues and would likely only live a few years at most. They were willing to work with his remaining puppy behavior. Most importantly, they were prepared to show him the love he so deserved. When Wonder came home to the the rest of the family, he fit right in. In addition to two human siblings, Wonder became the brother of of two German Shepherds, bearded dragons, goats, and a pig! He was the perfect addition to his large, new family.

We are so grateful to Wonder’s new family for giving him such an incredible home. Though he may not live a long life, we know the time he has will be filled with love and happiness, and that is all we ever could have wished for our sweet, silly boy.

If you would like to help SICSA support animals with unique medical challenges like Wonder, please consider donating to our Guardian Angel Fund here. This fund directly supports the medical costs for lifesaving surgeries, treatment, medication, and more. The Guardian Angel Fund saved Wonder’s life, and with your help, it can save many more.

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