No Pet Left Behind

No Pet Left Behind Adoption Promotion

Adoption fees are waived for these animals!


Have you ever wanted your very own Scrappy Doo? Who hasn't, right? Brownie is just that- A feisty fun boy in a somewhat small body. Brownie loves to be outside, rolling in the mud, playing fetch, and taking treats like a gentleman. Brownie is an expert in cuddles and booty wiggles, he loves pets! Brownie would prefer to be the only animal in the home to soak up all of the one-on-one time and attention.

Ms. Mayflower

"Mayflower" - a small and exquisitely sweet scented flower that intensifies with age. There's no wonder why this petite and gentle kitty was named after such a breathtaking variety of flower. Ms Mayflower is an extremely easy going gal who often gets over looked and we're not quite sure why. She enjoys spending her time curled up in a basket near a window, lounging the day away. Ms Mayflower does exceptionally well with other cats and humans alike. Do you have a comfy space that Ms Mayflower could call her own?

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