No Pet Left Behind

Adoption fees are waived for these animals!


Yuri likes to think of himself as a bit of an Indiana Jones type. He loves to explore the world, investigating every sight, sound, and smell along the way. There's no puzzle he can't figure out when treasure is on the line. Did we say treasure? We meant treats. Snacks and praise are this good-boy's motivators. If you can provide these two things, Yuri would love to be your loyal adventure pal!


Time to yell "Timber" since your heart is about to fall for him! This goofy boy is ready to steal the show and find his forever friend in you! He is a very curious boy, and has been spending his free time learning lots while he is here with his friends at SICSA. Treats are his favorite, and he's never met a toy he didn't like. Timber would love to find a human that can keep up with him - from hiking, to long walks, agility courses, playing ball, maybe even learning how to rock climb - you name it! When you're at home, puzzles would be a great way to end your exciting day - you'll be impressed how quickly this intelligent pupper will solve them! If you are the energetic type that wants a furry best friend to go on adventures together, then Timber may be the one for you! Take a chance and fall in love today!


Hi! My name is Darrell. I'm your fairly straight-forward kind of dog. I like playin, I like sniffin, and I LOVE pets and cuddles. I know how to sit, shake, and lay down, and I love being social. The staff at SICSA have nicknamed me 'Goldfish' because I kind of look like one, don't I? At the end of the day, I'm a friend of the world. Come around and let me prove it to you!


I, Kiddles, am a pup-star! I already know plenty of commands, even high five because the fans demand it. Let me paint you the ideal place-- it would be in a fun home where I get to play and hangout with my family, but especially play. You got other dogs, who just want to run around and play well same! I'm ready to leave the spotlight here and come join a family!


Since you're reading this, I am assuming you are looking for a new best friend. Well, look no further because I will love you like no other! I am a staff favorite (duh, look at me!) and love to wiggle my butt for you when I am excited. I am an expert at "sit, shake and down" and I am ready to learn even more. I love to wrestle with dog friends so if you have a dog I would love to meet them! Come say hello!


Sweetie's childhood dream was to one day live in the library from Beauty and the Beast. She'd rather spend a day in with her BFF than go out for a night on the town. While her social skills with strangers are a work in progress, her snuggle skills with her trusted people are top notch! Sweetie loves to cuddle in a lap and is looking for a quiet home with someone who can help her build confidence at her own pace. Weighing less than 40 pounds, she doesn't take up much space, but she'd love to occupy some room in your heart!


Nice to meet you! I'm Mr. Super Happy Awesome Zoomy Adorable Aquatic Man! My friends call me Shazaam for short. Most of my name is pretty straight forward, but why is my 6th name Aquatic, you ask? Because I LOVE water. I even come with my own kiddie pool when I get adopted! My ideal home would be a BIG family where someone can hang out with me all the time, or someone who can take me places with them. I like other dogs and people of all ages, so come be my new best friend!

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is true to both parts of his name -- extra sweet, cuddly, gentle, and a mild-mannered couch potato. If you're looking for a mellow friend to snuggle up with this fall, Sweet Potato is your guy!


This adorable, clumsy girl is a goofy ball of enthusiasm. She gets so excited when someone plays with her. She will chase the ball as long as someone will throw for her. And when there's a squeaky toy involved she's ready to show off. She's an incredibly energetic, good natured pup ready for a patient family to take her home.


Howdy folks, I'm Herbie, and I figure if you're reading this it's 'cause you're looking for your new best friend. Well, it just so happens I'm looking for the same! I'm 8 years young and have plenty of pep in my step, so if you're wanting a walking partner, I'd be happy to join you on a stroll. (Leisurely strolls are preferred so I can take in all the good smells in the neighborhood.) If you're more of a laid back person, I'm good to just cuddle on the couch too. I don't mind sharing a home with other critters as long as they respect my personal space and like to keep things relaxed like I do. I really love kids, so if you've got little ones around, sign me up! I'm soaking in the love of my shelter staff friends, but I'm really ready to find a nice place to retire, so give SICSA a holler if you think it could be with you!


Who's got two thumbs and the best zoomies in town? This guy! Wait . . . I don't have thumbs . . . but what I DO have is pep in my step and love in my heart! I love running full speed with my tongue lolling in the wind, playing with other dogs, and learning new tricks for treats. Once I've gotten my puppy energy out, I'm a Grade A+ snugglebug too!


His name is Razor, but he's honestly not the sharpest tool in the shed. You can often find him running around his room with a toy in his mouth while chirping at no one in particular. He also loves cuddling with his kitty roommates, chasing after a laser pointer, and following his humans around the room like a derpy little shadow. Come meet him and you'll see that what Razor lacks in brains and coordination he more than makes up for in adorableness.