No Pet Left Behind

No Pet Left Behind Adoption Promotion

Adoption fees are waived for these animals!


Are you looking for the perfect little potato cat? Well, you're in luck -- Zelda is looking for a home! Zelda is an easy-going gal who equally enjoys naps and snacks. She isn't needy -- she's happy just hanging out in the same room as you. When she's feeling extra snuggly, you better believe she'll politely ask for some head and chin scratches. What else can we say? She's simply the best -- so come take her home!


Arnie is a classic small dog who thinks he's much bigger. Don't tell him he's not even 25 lbs! This scruffy, cute guy will definitely steal your heart, though. He bonds quickly with his owner and would love nothing more than to sleep in bed next to you at night. He's house trained and loves his dog buddies as SICSA as well. His energy level is pretty mellow in a home, so if you're interested in spoiling a dog with a soft bed and Netflix binges, Arnie might be your guy!


Lady is a girl who lives up to her name. Quiet and undemanding, she is polite to cats and humans alike. You can often find her napping on a rug after a good match with a ping pong ball or kicker toy. She doesn't ask for much - just a calm home where she can relax. If sweet and gentle is what you're looking for, this Lady is for you!


Do you have a window sill that always seems a little too empty? Well, Meredith is here to save the day! This lady loves a good view -- even better if you have a catio for her to patrol! When she doesn't have to compete with all these other kitties for your attention, Meredith is a very loving kitty! She's been around the block a few times so she's learned what she likes in life. If you're looking for a kitty who knows how to take charge, Meredith may be the one for you!


Hey there! My name's Graham, and I'm a dapper gentlemen looking for my furever family! I absolutely LOVE other cats! The key to me heart? Snackies and toys of course! It may take me a little longer to become your buddy because I'm a shy soul. My ideal home? A quiet place with snacks, a bird watching window, an endless supply of cat nip, and a feline friend. I have a petite meow, a lemur tail, and adorable "ink smudge markings all over my body, what more could you want?

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