Why Reduced-Fee or Fee-Waived Adoptions Are Important

As you know, SICSA does several reduced-fee or fee-waived adoption events every year. While sometimes we receive criticism or concerns that we may just be handing out adoptable pets to everyone, the truth is that these adopters go through the exact same conversational adoption process that all of our adopters throughout the year. Our goal always remains the same, to focus on setting both our pets and our adopters up for a successful adoption.

Reduced-fee and fee-waived adoptions help us to:

  • Increase the number of animals adopted over a shorter period of time which helps us to save more lives!
  • Increase adoptions of senior pets, or pets with special needs/medical needs who benefit from the extra attention
  • Increase public awareness of who SICSA is and what we do
  • Allow new and previous adopters an opportunity to adopt at a lower cost

The reason we are so successful in finding our adoptable pets their forever homes during these events is because of our adoption process. Potential adopters meet with our adoption counselors after filling out an application. During this process, many questions are asked to ensure this pet will live its best possible life.

Some also wonder if we are losing money with reduced-fee or fee-waived adoptions. This is not always true. During one of these adoption events, we actually make on average 50% of our adoption fees by accepting donations.

According to Best Friends Animal Society, “The longer animals stay in a shelter, the more likely it is that they may develop health and behavioral problems, which costs money to treat. That means reduced and no-fee adoptions may save your organization money because, the faster you find pets homes, the less you will spend on their care. Plus, the faster you help animals find homes, the happier and healthier they’ll be and the more lives you’ll be able to save.” And we agree, which is why we are so proud of our fee-waived Adoption Events throughout the year.

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