Welcome Ida B. Wells: Working Purr-fessional

When Ida B. Wells came to SICSA, the staff immediately noticed something special about her. Her inherent friendliness toward staff, volunteers, and guests was appreciated, but there was even more to love about her. Animal Care Staff and volunteers began to notice that Ida had a serious talent for putting other cats at ease. No matter which open room she was placed in, she could calm the other residents and teach them how to come out of their shells. On top of her soothing qualities, Ida was able to help staff diagnose and work with various behavioral obstacles other cats were facing. After being available for adoption for weeks, the staff realized Ida’s home was with her SICSA family.

Once it was decided that Ida would join the SICSA pack permanently, staff were able to vote on her new name. While her former name, Merry, was sweet, the staff felt she needed something more befitting of her important and impactful new role. All of the possible names voted upon were those of strong women that made a difference in the world. Eventually, it was agreed upon that her new name would be Ida B. Wells, honoring the progressive journalist and activist who left an incredible mark on the world with her work.

Now Ida has a job and a family of staff and volunteers that care for her deeply. She has a cat tree in Kitty City where she can roam about when accompanied by a staff member. When she isn’t strolling about her home, she spends time in various free roaming rooms, helping new cats to adjust and enjoying the friends she continues to make. With SICSA as her official adopters, Ida enjoys the same onsite veterinary care, daily enrichment, delicious Pet Wants Dayton food, and many, many treats. The SICSA pack is so grateful to call Ida B. Wells the newest Working Purr-fessional and they know she will help many, many cats. SICSA welcomes the public to visit Ida and help in continuing to spoil her as the staff and volunteers have done thus far. If you have any questions about Ida or her role at SICSA, stop by and talk to a staff member!

If you would like to adopt one of Ida’s friends into your own family, take a look at their adoption profiles here!

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