We Need You: Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is quickly approaching, and we are reflecting on how grateful we are for all of the support we have received since this time last year. 2020 has been a challenging year, but with your help, we were able to continue our lifesaving work, supporting pets and people of the Dayton area. During the stay-at-home order when numerous local organizations had to cease their efforts, with the help of our incredible supporters, we were able to carry on. We welcomed the pets of those affected by the pandemic both medically and financially through our Safe Pets program. Our amazing Foster Volunteers stepped up to take in SICSA pets until they could return to the building again. With the support of animal advocates, we were able to supply them with  the necessary resources and veterinary care to tackle this task. With the generosity of our community, we were able to face the pandemic head on, and make a positive impact for those who needed us most.

As time has carried on, we have not slowed our efforts. We have embraced several animals with special medical needs, offered resources through our Help Center, provided hundreds of public spay/neuter procedures, and sent hundreds of pets to loving forever homes. Earlier this month our President and CEO, Nora Vondrell, made the journey to Florida to transport dozens of cats back to Ohio so they could be adopted through various rescues. The only way we are able to make this impact in our community and beyond is with the help of selfless SICSA supporters.

With all of the work we have done, and all we plan to do in the year ahead, this Giving Tuesday is especially important to the people and animals of SICSA. There are a number of ways you can support SICSA this Giving Tuesday.

Whether you fundraiser for SICSA on Facebook, or join our contribute to our “Mediocre Pet Portraits” Facebook Fundraiser, or donate through our general Giving Tuesday fundraiser online (link coming on Tuesday, December 1st), you will be making a huge impact on the lives of local animals. We appreciate your support, and cannot wait to spend Giving Tuesday with you!

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