We Need You: Community Partners and Maintaining our Mission

By: Sabrina Cox, Events Coordinator

Community partnerships are critical to the success of nonprofit organizations, including SICSA. We are able to provide and maintain a high level of care for our animals, as well as quality programs for our community, because of the generous contributions that our community partners provide. Our partners host fundraisers, donation drives, and other special events to help SICSA care for the thousands of animals that enter our doors annually.

Contributions from our respected community partners help SICSA function in many ways. Here are a few examples of how a fundraiser can make a difference:

$3,000 can spay or neuter 60 cats to reduce hundreds of litters being born, while $2,000 can spay or neuter 30 dogs for families who otherwise could not afford the procedure.

$1000 can provide transport, veterinary care, and behavior training for 15 dogs rescued from a puppy mill or animal hoarding situation.

$750 can provide scholarship for 15 children to attend 5 SICSA Sunday Funday programs, to learn empathy, responsible pet guardianship, safe interaction with pets, and ecological stewardship.

$500 can provide enough funds for a litter of 5 puppies to receive all vaccines, preventative medicines and microchips that are needed before adoption.

$250 can provide emergency medical treatment to save a pet’s life through SICSA’s Guardian Angel Fund.

$60 can provide a Kuranda chew-proof dog bed for one of SICSA’s dog kennels, to help keep dogs safe and comfortable during their temporary stay at the adoption center.

$25 can bottle-feed a litter of orphaned kittens for a week.

No amount of community support is too little, as even the smallest contributions combine to help SICSA save more animal lives.

How can you help? If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a fundraiser for SICSA, becoming a community partner, or joining us a corporate sponsor, begin by filling out a simple online form that can be found here. You may also contact me at 937-294-6505 ext. 15 or for more information. Thank you for your consideration!

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