We Are Dayton Strong!

We are proud to be Dayton Strong!


Since the tornadoes, we have been working hard to be a pillar for our community. In June alone, we have given over a ton of pet food and litter to Daytonians who have been affected by the tornadoes. Thanks to Jim Moser of Jim of All Trades for transporting donations to the affected areas for SICSA.

On top of providing supplies, we our supporting our community by taking animals into our shelter who had nowhere else to go, and we are helping owners reunite with their lost pets, like Bear. Bear was brought into our facility two weeks ago. He was afraid, and wanted to go home to his family. After sharing his picture across social media, Bear’s family came in to reunite with him! His owner said “you don’t even need to bring me in, he’ll go nuts when he sees the kids,” and he did.

In addition to helping our community reunite with their lost pets, we recently opened up registration for a Wellness Clinic, where we provided over 100 appointments to our community at a low cost, and gave a discount to those in the zip codes affected by the tornadoes.

As days and weeks go by since these horrific tornadoes, we are continually reminded that together we can make all the difference and that together we make Dayton Strong.

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