Vote 4 Animals: Help Chained Dogs in Dayton, Ohio

With a mission that includes promoting the welfare of companion animals, SICSA will occasionally lend our support to causes which we believe will help further our community’s commitment to treat animals humanely. Please read about Vote 4 Animals’ work to help chained dogs in the Dayton community:

Do you love animals? Want laws to protect them? If you care about humane treatment for animals and a safer, more progressive community, please join like-minded citizens in the local Vote 4 Animals voting bloc.

Canines are not wild animals They are domesticated pack animals who suffer physically and mentally when isolated and neglected, especially in extreme weather. Dogs are social creatures who are hardwired to live as part of a family unit.

Chaining bans can help create a safer, cleaner community. Who wants to live near a manure-filled yard with neglected, barking dogs in it? Criminal dog fighters often have dogs continuously chained on their property. An otherwise peaceful dog that is neglected and never socialized can become territorial and aggressive. This poses a danger if they escape their pen or chain or if someone accidentally gets too close.

Since Dog Confinement Ordinance 91.62 took effect last July 2014, it is illegal to keep a dog continuously chained 24/7 in the City of Dayton. The ordinance can be viewed on the City of Dayton website. Click on “City Commission Office” then “Dog Confinement Ordinance.” For violations, please call the Dayton Police at the non-emergency number: 937-333-2677.

Are you interested in helping Vote 4 Animals improve this ordinance and increase public awareness and enforcement? Do you want to work for a chaining ban in your community? Please Like Vote 4 Animals on Facebook for more information.

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