Adult Workshops, Team Building & Group Tour Opportunities

Enjoy a tour of SICSA and a presentation from our menu of topics, interactions with friendly, adoptable pets, and a group project to benefit SICSA’s pets, all supplies provided.

Choose Your Experience:

Boredom Busters
Presentation, & tour focused on all the ways SICSA meets the emotional needs of our pets, and ways they can be incorporated in the home to improve health and behavior of owned pets

More Yes, Less Stress
Presentation & tour focused on SICSA’s positive reinforcement culture, animal needs and how to fulfill them positively

Speaking Dog or Speaking Cat
Presentation & tour focused on animal body language – how to read, and appropriate ways to respond to improve trust and bonding.


  • $10 per adult/minimum 10, maximum 25 participants
  • 90 minutes
  • Scheduled – Weekdays 11am-4pm, Friday Evenings, 6-7:30
  • Include: presentation/tour, related volunteer activity, meet an adoptable pet, copy of Top Needs Wishlist, a visible donation box
  • Optional: LaRosa’s pizza $15/each, canned soda for purchase, 30 minute room rental $100


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