Volunteer Training

For adults applying to be a SICSA Volunteer, please complete the following tasks:

Fill out the New Volunteer Application

Watch the Adult Volunteer Orientation video

Complete the Adult Orientation Post-test

Watch the Adult COVID-19 Training Video

Please complete the Adult COVID-19 post-test

Please sign the Adult Volunteer Waiver

Thank You!

Please fill out this form to schedule your in-person tour.


If you are an adult planning on volunteering with a child between the ages of 8 and 13, please complete the following tasks:

Watch the Adult Orientation Video

Complete the Adult Orientation Video post-test

Complete the PYPer post-test

Watch the PYPer COVID-19 Training Video

Complete the PYPer COVID-19 post-test

Sign the Adult Waiver

Sign the PYPer Waiver

Schedule a Building Tour