February Volunteer Spotlight: Sandi

SICSA February 2016 Volunteer Spotlight – Sandi Knost

Everyone at SICSA knows and loves our February Volunteer Spotlight, Sandi Knost. Sandi has been volunteering for 33 years and has made a huge impact on the organization. Sandi is completely dedicated to SICSA, and cares deeply about each and every animal that comes through SICSA’s doors.

Sandi joined SICSA soon after her first visit. She was immediately impressed and decided to volunteer. She says, “After going through orientation, I was hooked! I wanted to become part of this great organization that really cared about the care and education of having a pet.”

Sandi has worked in many areas during her time at SICSA. She’s worked in adoptions and administrative areas, as a foster and staff member, and has been instrumental in forming SICSA’s volunteer program. Sandi now works in the Intake department, helping animals get into the adoption program and find homes. Sandi is at SICSA several times a week and helps in so many ways, and yet she’s always willing to give more.

During Sandi’s years at SICSA, she’s laughed and cried, and had both happy and frustrating experiences. But when she sees a long-term or special needs cat or dog finally find their forever home, she can go home with a smile on her face.

Some experiences stick in her mind more than others, like a group of dogs that SICSA took in from deplorable conditions. Staff, volunteers, and a helpful vet stayed late into the night to get the dogs bathed (sometimes twice) and checked for medical issues. Sandi describes it like an assembly line: from the car, to the tub, to the vet, and back to the tub for another bath. The dogs were all taken care of thanks to the hard work of these individuals.

She also fondly remembers a three-legged dog named Chief. Sandi says Chief was, “one big, happy, unruly, lovable hunk of a dog!” who wasn’t slowed down by the lack of a leg. SICSA staff and volunteers put Chief in some training classes to make him more adoptable to the public. After months of coming in on the weekends with his foster, Chief finally went to a wonderful forever home.


Gypsie was adopted on February 6th, shortly after our photoshoot!

Sandi has been with SICSA through many changes over the years. What she likes most about being a volunteer is that SICSA is always looking for ways to improve. Sandi is also a SICSA member, and she likes that it gives her a voice and an opportunity to help in a different way. Says Sandi, “If you asked me if I would do this all over again after what I’ve seen, learned, and felt during my 33 years here…you bet I would! Without any hesitation!”

Thank you, Sandi, for your years of service and everything you’ve done and continue to do for SICSA and the animals!

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