Volunteer Spotlight: Paul New

Foster parents save lives! Their work sometimes goes unnoticed, but they are an important process in our ability to adopt out so many animals each year. This month, we would like to spotlight Paul New in our Volunteer Spotlight.

Paul has been volunteering at SICSA since December of 2013. He started volunteering at SICSA because homeless dogs have always tugged at his heart. Paul is one of our dedicated dog walkers and dog fosters – including some long time favorites like Collin and Dinah. He told us that he continues to volunteer at SICSA because of how energizing it is to be here. Somedays he’ll be dragging and when he comes to walk dogs, it’s reviving! He told us that he believes SICSA’s impact and community outreach is vast and the love and compassion for the animals supply the energy needed for everyone to get it done.

Paul is always such a dependable spirit within our Foster program, and we can’t thank him enough for what he does. One of his more recent foster dogs, Collin was with him for a long period of time, and Paul was always willing to drop Collin off for a Meet & Greet or to be shown in the kennel in hopes of his forever family coming to take him away.

My most recent foster dog, Collin, was an inspiration.   For four months he bounced around among SICSA, my home, and slumber parties.  Our wonderful Foster Coordinator for dogs (Renee Grant) used the perfect word to describe Collin compared to most dogs – “stable”.  I’m sure it was tough on him, but he hung in there, was always a loving dog, and hopefully has finally found his forever home.  Who knows what kind of life he had before SICSA and Renee swooped in and gave him a second chance? The point is – what he went through trying to find a home was a struggle, just like we as humans struggle with things.  Collin got knocked down by life 1,000 times and he got up swinging 1,001 times, and it finally happened for him.  There’s a lesson to be learned from that- never give up.

Thank you so much, Paul, for all the time, love and dedication you put in to helping our dogs at our facility and at your own home too.

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