Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn W.

Lynn W. has been volunteering with SICSA for a little over a year and has helped in so many areas that it’s difficult to remember a time when she wasn’t here. Lynn came to SICSA because she loves animals and wanted to follow her passion. She said it was a no brainer that SICSA was where she belonged.

Lynn helps in many ways, specifically on the Lift Your Leg and The Cat’s Meow committees, with administrative help, and with Paw Partners Social visits. She’s become an integral part of all of those teams. She volunteers at SICSA because she knows that, no matter what area she’s working in, she and other SICSA volunteers and staff members are all helping these animals find forever homes.

Her favorite thing about volunteering with SICSA is seeing the faces of the residents when she brings animals to Paw Partners Social visits. She can see that the animals are bringing them joy, and the animals are also receiving love and experiencing their own joy.

In her time with SICSA’s Paw Partners Social program, Lynn has had the opportunity to take many animal ambassadors to area facilities. But one memory in particular sticks in her mind, and it didn’t even have anything to do with an animal. She took a dog to an assisted living facility and it was her second time at the location. The group was so excited when she arrived, and many of the same people from her first visit were there. Lynn remembered one resident in particular, a woman named Anna who reminded Lynn of her grandmother.

When she arrived, Lynn asked, “Your name is Anna, right?” Anna looked at Lynn and said, “You remembered me?” Lynn, realizing what that small gesture meant to Anna, had to hold back tears.

Lynn has similar positive memories about certain SICSA animals, especially one dog named Mocha. Mocha was a pit bull and was at SICSA for quite a while. She was a favorite of volunteers and residents, and went on many Paw Partners Social visits. Lynn took Mocha to one of the visits and watched in amazement as this dog whose breed is so stereotyped just melted in the residents’ arms. She loved them and they loved her. Mocha did find her home after some time. Says Lynn,

“SICSA never gave up on her or their mission. It reminded me that all good things come with time. Be patient and never stop believing.”

SICSA animals, as well as the residents of the facilities we serve, greatly benefit from the kindness and care Lynn brings to everything she does. We’re so thankful that she’s chosen to dedicate her time and passion to our organization. Thank you, Lynn, for all that you do!

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