Volunteer Spotlight: Gin Conforti

Some volunteers go about their volunteer service quietly, expecting no recognition except the affection they receive from the animals they’re helping. Gin is one such volunteer. Gin started volunteering in June of 2015 and quickly became someone that staff greatly relied upon. She decided to start volunteering after her own dog (a SICSA dog) of fifteen years passed away. Gin missed having a dog at home, and thought that volunteering at SICSA would allow her to get a “dog fix.”

Gin loves working with the SICSA dogs. She says, “I mostly enjoy hanging out with them outside and visiting the kennels, giving them hot dogs, while talking to them.” She enjoys just hanging out with the dogs, especially outside, where she can play ball with them, have them do tricks, pet them, and just walk the yards with them. She is also a proud member of SICSA’s Mod Squad, a group of volunteers who work with dogs with behavioral issues, in the hopes that they will then find homes faster. Gin walks dogs twice a week, as well as doing Paw Partners Active walks and Paw Partners Social visits. She’s also helped with events like Lift Your Leg, The Cat’s Meow, and Chip, Dip & Cheer. When she’s not doing all of those things, you may find her cutting up hot dogs, doing laundry, or helping with anything around the kennel that might need to be done!

Gin says that she looks forward to the days she volunteers. She says, “It’s like I enter a different world and become a different person, leaving my worries in the parking lot.” Gin enjoys that she’s met so many nice people, and says she would miss not seeing them. She continues, “I like being part of an organization that does so much for dogs and cats, and people, too.” She loves the fact that the animals at SICSA are treated so well. She feels good bringing dogs back to clean cages, and giving them their KONGs. One of her favorite times here was when she got to hand out new toys to all of the dogs in their kennels. “It felt like Christmas!” she says.

Like many volunteers, Gin didn’t volunteer for long before finding a dog she wanted to make her own. She and her husband, Dan, met Chloe early on in their volunteer service and decided to adopt her. They now make sure to start their day off by taking Chloe on a long walk around the neighborhood, or to the dog park.

Gin’s most memorable dog (other than her own!) was an owner surrender named Sully. He seemed sad and quiet and never wanted to go back to his cage. Gin said he looked as if he was wondering what he was doing here at SICSA. Gin had a hard time getting him off her mind, even when she wasn’t at the facility. She was so happy when he was quickly adopted and, shortly after, she saw him at the dog park with one of his new owners. She loved seeing that he’d found his happy ending, and all because of SICSA.

SICSA wouldn’t be able to find homes for dogs like Sully and Chloe, or take care of the many animals that pass through the doors, without wonderful volunteers like Gin. We’re so lucky that she’s decided to devote so much of her time to the animals here. Thank you, Gin, for all that you do for the animals and for the staff!


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