Volunteer Spotlight – Geri & Jesse Addis

Many SICSA volunteers give their time in a variety of ways, and Geri and Jesse Addis are two such volunteers.  In addition to caring for their two dogs and one cat at home, this PYPer team takes time to care for our SICSA animals too.   Jesse learned of SICSA through a presentation at his school and when he turned 8 last year, he and Geri began their volunteer work.  They like volunteering with SICSA because they it’s something they can enjoy together.

Jesse and Geri are motivated to continue with their volunteer work because they know they are helping the animals get the attention they crave and they get to enjoy playing with the animals.   In fact, a pair of Chihuahua puppies Jessie met here will always hold a special place in his heart.  If, down the road, Jesse gets his own Chihuahua, we will know why.

They know there are a variety of volunteer opportunities at SICSA, so they can find many ways to help. You can find them walking dogs, socializing cats, taking animals to visit facilities in our community as part of the Paw Partners Social team, and even helping with fundraising and outreach events.  They especially enjoy volunteering during kitty and puppy season!

We are thankful that Jesse willingly takes time from his hobbies of hockey and video games to work as a SICSA volunteer.  Jesse tells us he loves the kitties best!  That’s wonderful, Jessie!  They love you too!  Thanks to both of you, Jesse and Geri Addis, for being a part of the pack!

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