Volunteer Spotlight: Erika Kerr

We have some volunteers who give time to our animals through their summer break. Erika Kerr is one volunteer who does just that. This will be Erika’s 5th summer at SICSA Pet Adoption Center. She is one of our dedicated Cat Volunteers.

She began volunteering at SICSA when she was in 8th grade. Her Girl Scout Troop visited SICSA and she saw how wonderful it was to help animals. For the past four summers, she has volunteered with cats, but this summer, she hopes to start volunteering with dogs. She continues to volunteer at SICSA because she enjoys socializing the cats to help them find a “forever” home.  She told us about her favorite animal to work with while volunteering:

“There was a cat named Christie who when she first came in, she was very shy and defensive and would not let anyone take her out of her cage.  It took a few sessions, but she eventually let me get her out of her cage and would sit on my lap”

One fond memory she has while volunteering is about three little kittens that were at SICSA when she first started volunteering. They were called “the triplets”. Once she met them, she knew she was in the right place to volunteer. Kitten season can be rough on shelters, and we are so glad to have such dedicated volunteers like Erika who give so much time to our kitty residents. Thank you, Erika!

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