Volunteer Spotlight – Erica McCormick

Erica McCormick has been volunteering at SICSA for 1.5 years. She helps with cat enrichment, fostering, outreach, off-site events and is part of the Lift Your Leg and The Cat’s Meow committee. It’s safe to say she’s covered her bases as far as volunteering goes! She continues to volunteer at SICSA because of her love of animals – before she started volunteering, she didn’t know anyone loved animals as much as she does. Her favorite thing about volunteering is being able to walk in and play with the dog and cats – it’s therapeutic after a long day. She likes that you don’t have to sign up to come in and hang out with the animals. When asked about an animal that made an impact on her, she told us about Puff McFluffins, a fluffy cat who suffered from severe IBD.

“I think she’s a good example of the lengths SICSA will go through to make their animals healthy and adoptable. Puff Puff really won my heart and in the end, my friend ended up adopting her despite her poopy problems! Puff just moved to Minneapolis and is settling into her new home just fine 🙂 (oh, and did I mention that she is quite the diva?)”

Before SICSA, Erica felt as though she didn’t have a whole lot of meaning. She worked a long day, came home to relax, then went to bed. When she started volunteering at SICSA, she became much more active.

“I started feeling as though I was making a difference in the community as well as the lives of the animals. Not only did I enjoy all the time spent with the animals, but I have also met a lot of really great people along the way! I met friends who love animals just as much as I do. I remember seeing people with tattoos representing animals and I was like “Yep, I’m in the right place.”

Thank you, Erica, for always being willing to step up and help out. You have been an instrumental piece of the committee for SICSA’s big events, and a wonderful foster home to so many kittens. Your passion for helping and loving animals seeps into everything you do at SICSA.

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