Volunteer Spotlight: Donald Leach

If you have spent any amount of time at SICSA or one of SICSA’s Special Events, you have met or interacted with Donald Leach. Donald has been volunteering at SICSA since 2013 and has volunteered more than 4,000 hours. He consistently wins the award for most hours at our yearly Volunteer Banquet.
When we asked staff members about Donald, every single one of them smiled and mentioned that Donald does anything and everything asked of him – even the dirty work; which he does without complaint!

Not only is Donald at SICSA all the time, but he is an active foster in our foster program, having fostered 10 kittens since 2014. At SICSA, every foster home is important, because that means we can have exponentially more animals in our program without worrying about placement at our facility.

We want to take a moment to formally thank Donald for his hard work and dedication, as we know it’s not an easy trip for him to get to SICSA. His passion towards our animals makes all the difference. Thank you, Donald!

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