Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle Poe


Volunteers come to SICSA for many reasons, but most are here because they love and want to help animals. Danielle Poe is one such volunteer. She came to SICSA because she loves animals and so was looking for a way to minimize their suffering and improve the quality of their lives. In her five years here, Danielle has fostered cats, volunteered at the Chip, Dip & Cheer dog wash, and served as Secretary on the SICSA Board of Directors.

She continues to volunteer because, “she loves the staff, the other volunteers, and spending time with the animals!” She also loves that SICSA looks for ways to have a broad impact on the well-being of dogs and cats, not only through adoption, but through humane education and the spay/neuter program. She continues, “It’s important to me that SICSA looks for ways to solve short term needs of animals and to have fewer homeless animals in the long term.”


Her favorite part about volunteering is being a part of the foster care program. It allows her to have kittens on a regular basis, without contributing to the overpopulation problem! One of Danielle’s fondest memories of volunteering at SICSA was when she was fostering a pregnant cat. The cat was sleeping in her daughter, Lola’s, room. Danielle says that she was so comfortable with her daughter that she actually gave birth to the kittens on the bed as Lola slept!

Along with all that she does for SICSA, Danielle has also given SICSA animals a home. Two summers ago, Danielle was volunteering at Chip, Dip & Cheer. While at the event, she helped wash a SICSA foster dog named Nova, who was a beautiful Husky. Nova was severely underweight, lethargic, and a picky eater. Danielle and her family immediately fell in love with her. They took her home to foster and ended up adopting her. Danielle is happy to report that Nova is a very happy, energetic, and well-loved dog!

Danielle says, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have found ways to support SICSA because I have been the beneficiary of great joy through the animals who are now part of my family, the cats and kittens who spent time with us before going to their forever homes, and the many wonderful people who are now friends.”

SICSA is also fortunate that we have found such a dedicated and passionate supporter and volunteer; someone who has not only helped SICSA in many different ways but has given a home to SICSA animals, whether permanent pets or temporary fosters. We truly value the time Danielle has spent here and hope she stays with us for many years to come!

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