Volunteer Spotlight: Cheri and Linda

If you visit SICSA often, you have almost certainly met Cheri, our Meow House specialist, and Linda, our resident Cat Whisperer and Enrichment Specialist! These incredible volunteers play a huge role in the life of SICSA’s cats. Putting in roughly 15 hours per week with our organization, these two go above and beyond for our animals. From enriching the animals onsite, to managing emails from home, Cheri and Linda make an outstanding impact here at SICSA.

“Volunteering here makes me happy to see the cats get adopted. It is such a wonderful feeling to see the meow house cats change to become desirable and loved.” Cheri, who has been a volunteer for 7 months, said. Six year volunteer, Linda, echoed her sentiment, adding, “I enjoy working with the special needs cats to find their furever home.”

Their ongoing commitment to the welfare and adoption of animals in the Dayton community are beyond admirable. After our relocation, both have gone a step further by increasing their hours with SICSA. This has helped the animals acclimate to their new space even further following the move. 

About her time volunteering with SICSA, Cheri offered, “It couldn’t be any more rewarding.” 

Visit to find out how you can join Cheri and Linda in their effort to help animals through SICSA!


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