Virtual Foster: Sugar Cookie Pt. 1

Meet Sugar Cookie…

A 9 month old kitten in need of a forever home.

Sugar Cookie found her way to SICSA after a Good Samaritan found her and her sister in their backyard. Sugar Cookie is currently in a foster home after the shelter proved to be too much for this scared, shy and stray cat.

Since going into foster at the beginning of December, she’s made great strides in coming out of her shell and being a great house cat. We believe bringing Sugar Cookie back into the kennels to be adopted will will prove too stressful for this sensitive kitten. This would mean that all of the foster’s  time and TLC could be lost and lead our Sugar Cookie to back slide. Instead we want to make sure that Sugar Cookie continues her journey to her forever home in a way that is healthy and feels safe for her. This is why our team here at SICSA and her Foster Family, through their pictures and journal entries, are introducing Sugar Cookie to adopters virtually and through an appointment only process.

Please continue to read more about Sugar Cookie’s adventure in foster below. All notes and photos were provided by the foster family.

December 11, 2017 –

Here’s little Sugar Cookie. We corralled her into the pop up condo today to attempt to work with her and ease her fears. She has been hiding under the bed or bench since I let her out of her carrier (she did come out to eat, etc. when we were not around). We have not touched her once. She will not allow it…yet

December 15, 2017 –

Cookie is finally sleeping somewhere “normal” and not squished under the bench or unreachable under the bed. Slow and steady progress.

December 20, 2017 – 

Cookie is a purring, playing, sharp nailed girl. She’s pretty darn cute too. She will be this year’s Christmas foster.

January 14, 2018 – 

Cookie is definitely getting more comfortable and confident! She hopped into the other kitties tree and made herself at home!

So, take a moment to follow Sugar Cookie on her adventures and watch her grow both physically and emotionally. Then post and share her story to help expand her social network.  And just maybe, along the way you’ll  find that she is just the kitten you didn’t even know you were looking for to join your family.

If you are interested in learning more about Sugar Cookie and possibility meeting this sweet, young girl, please contact the Director of Adoptions, Jessie Sullivan at 937-294-6505, ext. 20. Click here to see a new update on Sugar Cookie.

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