Vinita Finds Her Home: A Happy Tail

If you have been keeping up with us on social media, you have likely heard of the ever-elusive Vinita. This timid pup came to SICSA in March, just before the stay-at-home order went into place. After spending time with a loving foster family, Vinita returned and had the interest of a few potential adopters. Unfortunately, during a slumber party, Vinita slipped out of her collar and became lost. We quickly went to work trying to find her. Once she was spotted, we attempted to catch her, but quickly learned that this would only spook her and drive her further away. Thus, our long, patient journey to return her to SICSA began.

With help from some amazing volunteers and Lost Pet Recovery, a trap was set and we kept a safe distance to ensure her confidence was not shaken. However, Vinita continued to evade each trap we set. Despite all our efforts, and our volunteers and staff having eyes on her nearly around the clock, we still couldn’t not trap her.

After a couple of months in the same neighborhood, Vinita became interested in a resident, Laura, and her dog, Zilla. Slowly, Laura and Zilla gained Vinita’s trust. She began to follow them on walks and would eventually take food from Laura. Just as we felt we were making progress, Vinita was chased into another neighborhood farther away. Our volunteers were not deterred! Laura and Zilla drove to Vinita each day, feeding her, spending time with her, and gaining trust.

Finally, one glorious day in August, Laura was able to place a slip lead on Vinita and end the months-long effort to return her to safety. Laura graciously agreed to foster Vinita, and thus their bond strengthened. On September 17th, Vinita joined her new family as Laura made the adoption official. Vinita, now named Zoey, enjoys her new home with her fur sibling Zilla, and her amazing, dedicated mom.

While she is still working on her comfort walking on leash outside, inside of her new home, she seems to be making herself comfortable! She has also found a love of car rides! After months of anticipation, we cannot overstate our excitement and gratitude for her new life.

We are immensely grateful for all involved with catching Vinita/Zoey, and ensuring her safety. A huge thank you to everyone who has been helping and providing support, including the residents in the neighborhoods she frequented, Dayton Ohio and Surrounding Area Lost and Found Pets, SICSA volunteers Trish Kremer and Heather Adaway, Kim from Lost Pet Recovery, SICSA Director of Adoption and Placement Services Jessie Sullivan, and of course, Laura and her dog, Zilla. It is because of their efforts that we are able to finally share her happy tail!

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