Vet Clinic: From Broom Closet to Dedicated Surgical Suite

Last year, SICSA’s medical team performed over 4,000 community and in-house spay/neuter procedures, as well as over 10,000 veterinary assessments, vaccinations, and other procedures.  All completed in a 340sf treatment area and 78sf surgery suite which literally, used to be a broom closet.  In our new facility, there will be a separate treatment area for in house animals awaiting adoption, another for public animals waiting for and recovering from surgery, a dedicated surgical suite large enough for two surgical tables, and a separate treatment area for in house animals which are ill or in quarantine.  This separation will allow us to meet best practices for disease management procedures and we will be able to more than double the number of animals we serve.

In order to serve those animals, we will also need the equipment to allow these services to happen.  With this campaign, we NEED your help in purchasing a few of these needed items.  Specifically:

  • A new autoclave.  The autoclave is a pressure chamber used to sanitize medical supplies.
  • A V-top surgical table. This second table will be mainly used for our high volume spay and neuter clinic.
  • Ceiling mounted light. This light will ensure both tables have the needed lighting to ensure the safety of the animals during surgery.
  • A second anesthesia machine.  This will allow us to have two animals in surgery at the same time, doubling capacity.
  • An oxygenator.  Exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood of the patient during surgery.
  • Surgical Monitor.  Evaluates the patient’s oxygen and blood pressure levels during surgery.

With these items, SICSA can take another step towards disease management and better utilize the clinic that will be at our new facility.

The total cost of these items are $24,700.  The exciting news with this campaign is that we have a matching gift!  Every dollar you donate will be matched! That means when you donate $50, it turns into $100! Together we can help more families in our community and save more lives. Please click on the campaign and make your donation today!

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