Update on Hurricane Animals

In September, we rescued 30 animals (19 cats and 11 dogs) from the path of Hurricane Dorian. The shelter, in Hanover, North Carolina, was in a flood zone.  The animals already in shelter needed to be evacuated in anticipation of the Hurricane, not only for their safety, but also to make room for any displaced animals after the storm.

Three vehicles left SICSA the afternoon of September 5th for West Virginia, where they would meet the team from North Carolina. The caravan was welcomed back at SICSA around 1:00am by a team of Animal Care Technicians, who were ready to prepare the kennels for these storm evacuees and help them settle in for the night.

The next day, our Veterinarians started performing medical tests to see what shape they were in. It was apparent that they were not all healthy, and some needed medical treatment. One of the cats had been exposed to Ringworm, and since it rode in a vehicle with other cats, they were all exposed to Ringworm as well. SICSA went on immediate Advanced Disease Protocol until the tests came back. In total, all 19 cats tested positive for Ringworm which meant the SICSA Pack was in for extended period of increased medical protocols to help nurse the 19 cats back to health and at the same time protect our other animals from exposure.

In addition to the Ringworm outbreak, two dogs were also very sick. One of the dogs unfortunately passed away from his advanced medical condition. The other, diagnosed with a URI, was able to gain the needed strength to be healthy. Another dog, who the staff at SICSA noticed limping, was found out to need ACL surgery.

We have been asked, when the need is greatly locally, why we reach out to help situations like Dorian.  Our reasoning is that in the face of disasters of this magnitude, our “community” grows to help meet the needs of our fellow animal welfare agencies.  It goes without saying that these animals needed us.  While it was a difficult time for several weeks, and with the help of community members who stepped up with extra supplies and volunteer time, our SICSA Pack was able to step up to help.  As a result, we made a lifesaving difference that might not have otherwise been available.

Happily we can now report that the Hurricane Dorian Rescue Transfer Pets are healthy, happy and ready to find their forever Buckeye homes!


Below: Dee and Bluegrass are available for adoption!


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