They Were Stray, Now They Are Found



By Deborah Durbin, Marketing Coordinator

Bella was a stray. We didn’t know much about her past. She had a scar on her face, her coat was very thin and she was covered in fleas. She has big mournful eyes and is gentle for a 75-pound pup. After some veterinary attention and medicines, this adorable Rottweiler mix is ready for her new, adoptive home.



Diana was a stray too. She was found in Dayton on a cold February morning when temperatures were below zero. She is small for an adult cat. She is getting great nutrition and veterinary care now. This little grey tabby is waiting patiently in Kitty City for a new, warm loving home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is an estimated 65,000 strays in Montgomery County. You have seen them. They are wondering around the gas station or a convenience store. Maybe you have seen them running around your neighbohood. Maybe you wished you would have stopped and helped a stray dog or cat but didn’t know what to do. Well, now is your chance.

Help us get more strays off the street. We need you. Now is a great time to donate because your donation will be matched! We can’t do it without your help.  There are thousands more like Bella and Diana. Donations will be matched up to $8,500, just this week during March Matchness. Thank you! Donate today at

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