The Poop Show: Our Grand Prize Winner

On Saturday September 19th, we held The Poop Show, a fundraiser that allowed participants to purchase chances to win $10,000. With the support of our incredible community and supporters, we sold over 1,000 chances and raised over $80,000 for the pets of SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center! While we were absolutely elated and grateful to receive these funds to continue our mission, we were also ecstatic to award a member of our community $8,000!

While our original grand prize was $10,000, pre-established rules dictated that any unsold squares reverted back to SICSA.  When our first “Grand Poobah”  pooped in a square that had defaulted to SICSA, we knew we wanted to see the prize go to someone in the community. For this reason, we decided to decrease the winnings by $2,000 and bring out our backup pup, Millie, and try again. Millie was far more interested in playing than pooping, so we moved on to our third backup and star of the evening, Kyoshi! Kyoshi wasted little time and when nature called, she determined our winner: Lisa Carey!

Lisa learned of her winnings when she received a phone call from SICSA, and initially thought it was a prank. “Your joke isn’t very funny!” she said. We assured her that she was indeed the winner! When asked why she decided to participate in The Poop Show, Lisa said, “We love animals! SICSA is a great organization that we love to support, and we thought the event was pretty funny!” As most of us would, Lisa plans on using some of her winnings to pay bills. However, she also told us she hopes to take a vacation soon (much to the delight of her children)! Lisa also helps women in the Dayton area through programs at her church, and looks forward to being able to help more women with her winnings.
We are incredibly happy for Lisa and her family in their winning! We are also extremely grateful to all who participated in The Poop Show, and we look forward to hosting this game once again next year!

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