The Poop Show #2!

The SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center is excited to announce we’ll be giving away $10,000 at our fundraising event, The Poop Show! In 2020, in-person special events came to a halt due to COVID.  To aid in making sure SICSA’s homeless animals still had the funding they needed, SICSA pivoted and presented the community with a new kind of event – The Poop Show.  This tongue-in-cheek game of chance allows you to purchase a “chance” to win $10,000!  The event was so fun and well received, we are doing it again: The Poop Show #2!  You read that correctly, a real and humorous #2 event!

On September 25, 2021 at 1:00PM, SICSA will hold a live event online featuring our game of chance, along with promoting ourselves and our  sponsors through an engaging show hosted with fun in mind, and sharing the important mission of SICSA.  Here are the details of the event:

  • A dog play yard will be divided into one foot squares. This means you have a one in 1,528 chance to win!
  • At the top of the event, SICSA will randomly draw and assign names to those squares based upon those who purchased chances. Only 1,528 chances will be sold.  In the event the winning square is not assigned to a chance purchaser, the proceeds of the winning square will be retained by SICSA.
  • SICSA wants to make someone’s year a really great one, so help them sell all 1,528 chances by purchasing several for you, and then sharing this news with a friend.
  • Once all squares are assigned chances the day of the event, SICSA will bring out a dog to play in the yard with his/her handler. When nature calls – and it will – the square where the poop lands wins the $10,000!
  • Chances are only $50 each. The first 100 people who purchase 4 or more chances will also receive a VIP (Very Important Pooper) Paw Pack with gifts valuing over $50!
  • SICSA has made this really easy and entertaining for you. You need not be present on event day to win, but why wouldn’t you?  You will watch virtually as our emcees – Gabrielle Enright and Josh Stucky – walk you through the fun all the way to the big event–the grand pooper!

To purchase your chance at winning $10,000, please visit

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