The Moving Process and Dates

We are currently in the middle of our big move to our new facility! As we work out the details of our move, and how the process is going to work, we want to share them with you.

On Sunday, January 5th, our Kettering location closed to the public and the packing process began. We continued to pack through Tuesday, January 7th. Beginning on Wednesday, January 8th, the moving company started to load our items into the moving trucks. This process will take approximately two to three days. Starting on Thursday, January 10th, the moving crew will begin moving our belongings over to the new facility located at 8172 Washington Church Road. Then, the week of January 13th-20th, the staff will begin to unpack their belongings, assess new needs, get used to the new building and processes, and see if everything is working properly before opening to the public.

After the moving process, we will have several weeks of time where we will be open to the public on a limited basis, but not open for tours.   A “soft opening” of sorts. Then on February 8th, we will have our Grand Opening with our “new normal” happening after that. More information will soon be out about our Grand Opening but for now, save February 8th so you can be a part.

What an exciting time! We’re sure you have questions now about the current facility, which you can read in the next article.

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