The Impact of SICSA’s Summer Camps

Eleven-year-old Cheyenne has been attending SICSA’s Animal Advocate Summer Camp for the past 3 years. SICSA’s Summer camps focus on empowering campers to speak up, and make a difference in their community, not only for animals but for themselves and their peers.

Along with learning more about SICSA and our live-saving mission, these camps introduce campers to various community partners that advocate for companion animals, wildlife, and the environment, with a focus on ways that children can get involved and make a difference in our community. During this summer’s camp, Cheyenne met cats and dogs, but she was also introduced to goats, birds, chickens, reptiles, and bunnies.

Cheyenne, once again enjoyed camp this year and loved being with the animals. However, this summer, Cheyenne really took the message of advocacy to heart and she decided that she wanted to make a difference by fundraising for SICSA. During the last day of summer camp, Cheyenne brought in a jar. This jar was full of pennies, $30 in pennies to be exact. Thirty Dollars pays for a full month of cat insurance to help with medical care or most of the medicines needed to vaccinate and deworm a dog. Humbled by not just this financial donation but by Cheyenne’s decision at such a young age to step up as a proactive SICSA advocate, the staff at SICSA graciously accepted her jar full of pennies.

The staff at SICSA knew that they had truly made a lasting impact on Cheyenne when before she left, Cheyenne asked for her jar back, so she could continue to fill it with more pennies for SICSA’s homeless pets.

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